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Here at SET For Business we think that CRMs don’t have to be difficult to use. It shouldn’t take an age to enter your data, and every user should feel the benefit. SET is a Customer Relationship Management Tool, designed to help you track your engagements with your customers and contacts, and monitor the movement of your opportunities through your sales pipelines. Read more about our features.

Management Team

John Turner

John Turner


John has held senior positions in the largest regulatory outsourcing companies in the UK, and is currently Chief Executive Officer of the specialist resourcing and strategy group RFS Ltd. His key area of expertise is in retail banking with a focus on testing outputs, establishing the root cause of failings and implementing customer-centric change.

Darran Hunt

Darran Hunt


Co-founder and CEO of SET For Business, Darran has over 15 years’ experience in software sales having previously worked for 2 Nasdaq quoted companies, giving Darran a wealth of international sales experience to share with the team. Darran’s insights into the key relationship-building techniques needed to close deals and retain customers forms the bedrock of SET CRM.

Edward Lewis

Edward Lewis


Co-founder and lead developer, Ed has more than 15 years’ experience designing, building and shipping software-as-a-service products to the commercial and financial sectors. Passionate about simplicity, practicality and user experience, Ed is an expert in creating elegant, usable solutions to complex problems.

Anthony Howitt

Anthony Howitt


Anthony is an operations expert working across financial services. He has operated globally at C level, for one of the big four management consultancies, to deliver complex change projects. His core expertise is achieving profitable growth through the implementation of governance, controls, systems and process. He also has extensive experience in developing customer, data and technology propositions.

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