Contact Management

Contacts are at the heart of your CRM. In SET each contact has a dashboard showing you activities, interaction history, contact organisation details, colleagues, emails and opportunities. You can tag them, add multiple addresses, and add notes. Each contact is a potential customer, and we show you as much as you might need, all in one place.

Opportunity Pipelines

Our drag-and-drop opportunity pipelines provide a simple and engaging way for you and your team to keep your opportunities up to date. The pipelines are customisable, and you can have as many as you need to keep your opportunities organised and your goals in sight. In combination with opportunity confidence values, properly managed pipelines help you make accurate projections and give you advanced warning of troubles ahead.

Combined with SET’s products and pricebooks, opportunities can be broken down into line-item products, offerings, or even discounts, exposing the true value of your deals.

Activities and Timelines

Activities help remind you to make calls, attend meetings, or simply get things done. Activity histories help you to examine successes and failures, find out what works and what doesn’t, and create strategies for the future. How many calls did it take to close a deal? How many face-to-face connections have you made with a single organisation? Much more than notes on a calendar, activities are stored as permanent records against contacts and opportunities, and tell an invaluable story.

Email Integration

Emails are an invaluable part of 21st century business. Losing an email is all too easy. Not only can SET keep your emails attached to relevant contacts and organisations, helping you find information at the click of a button, we also prompt you to create contact records for the customers you are in conversation with, in many cases automatically. All you need to do is forward or BCC messages to your unique SET email address. This allows you to keep all of your team’s conversations in one place.


Our powerful report builder enables you to interrogate your data in exceptional detail, analysing and highlighting key contacts and organisations, opportunities, products and team activities. Real-time reports can be shared with other team members.

File Storage

5 GB of storage space is available in our file library, enabling you to attach paperwork to opportunities. Proposals and contracts can be kept neatly against the deals they help to close. Boilerplate Ts & Cs can be made available to your entire team, ready to download when they are required. Specifications, photographs and sketches can be uploaded and examined, with the security and speed of the Amazon cloud.

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