MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. Integrating your Mailchimp account with SET combines the power of both platforms. You’ll be able to review the performance of your campaigns directly from your SET dashboard; importing contacts from Mailchimp is a doddle, and adding your existing SET contacts to your Mailchimp lists is just a click away.

Once in a list, we’ll show you your Contact’s campaign activity on their Contact Dashboard, so you can see what they have received, read, and any calls-to-action they have engaged with.

SET’s mailchimp integration connects your marketing with your sales, helping you focus your energy intelligently and drive down cost.

Lead Forensics is B2B software for turbo-charged lead generation. Identify B2B sales leads you never knew you had.

Integrating Lead Forensics with SET allows you to spot business who have visited your websites (including average visit duration and a tally of repeat visits), and import those businesses into SET, all from within the SET platform.

A new Dashboard widget will tell you how many new visitors have been identified in a configurable timeframe, and salespeople can be alerted when one of their organisations pops by.

Lead Forensics is one of the most powerful lead generation tools out there, and SET is the perfect CRM partner to convert those leads into sales.

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